Saturday, February 11, 2012

WBW Theme for 2012

20th World Breastfeeding Week
Understanding The Past- Planning For The Future
Celebrating 10 years of WHO/UNICEF's Global Stragety
for Infant and Young Child Feeding 

1. To recall what has happened in the past 20 years on infant and young child feeding (IYCF).

2. To celebrate successes and achievements nationally, regionally and globally and showcase national work at     global level.

3. To assess the status of implementation of the Global Strategy for Infant and Young Child Feeding (GS).
4. To call for action to bridge the remaining gaps in policy and programmes on breastfeeding and IYCF.
5. To draw public attention on the state of policy and programmes on breastfeeding and IYCF.

Read about the Global Strategy at
Contact FBC if you are interested in participating in this years WBW event!


  1. This is a growing concern of the people and there are many complications that people are facing nowadays. Would really like to be the part of the event.

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